Fingerprint Fake-'Refugees' – And Toy-Boys Too!

Hey, the pinko pro-crimmigrant asses are braying again!


We’ve heard their cacaphony before..  

‘Mustn’t Upset Crimmigrant Brats, Must We?’ Says Strasbourg Shrill! 

EU policy and law makers are ironing out final details of a legislative reform on collecting the fingerprints of asylum seekers and refugees, known as Eurodac. The latest plan includes possibly using coercion against minors, which one MEP calls “violence….”  

…and that particular example was five or more years ago, when a total weirdo….


  • …Anna Maria Corazza Bildt, a Swede, predictably, but inexplicably affiliated to the EPP, which calls itself the ‘center-right’ bloc, well-connected, married to former Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt, led the chorus of whining in Strasbourg.


…..but this time, unlike on another occasion, in Italy, when many wannabe parasites, asylum seekers from Eritrea, notably generally refuse to have their prints taken because they want to make their applications elsewhere…

Italy to start fingerprinting migrants at sea


…this time, those concerned are those who have already got their snouts dug deep into the United Kingdom’s tax-trough, where largesse gushes much more munificently than in poor Italy.



But we know there are reasons for crimmigrant recalcitrance –

Who’d Trust ANY Of Amnesty’s Crimmigrant Liars? 

– very pressing reasons why they don’t want their lies exposed.


To be fair to illegal aliens, though, the far-left ‘Independent’ does not seem to have interviewed many actual crimmigrants, but instead collected querulous quotes from a variety of ‘British’ sources, such as some woman called Lucy Moreton…



…’.of the Immigration Services Union, which represents border officials, who made the preposterous claim that, when a previous Tory Government had obliged such aliens to be fingerprinted, in 2012, the requirement ‘was abandoned after just a few weeks because of a “public backlash…”



There was NO public backlash.

Most Brits probably approved of such a rigorous requirement, to keep tabs on undesirables, but most Brits were not given any say, and what was heard was much whining in the pinko media…



…echoing angry bleats among left-liberal politicians and the pro-crimmigrant agitprop community, who represent nobody but themselves.

Moreton moans that – “There was a spate of individuals who self-mutilated in order not to give their fingerprints, either cutting or even burning their fingertips…of course, if you force people to give fingerprints in that way, they are going to fight back.”


If the scum offer violence to legitimate action by authorised personnel, then they need a good hard lesson…

…billy-clubs, tasers, whatever it takes to teach them their place.

Any uppity antics on the part of unwelcome aliens should certainly have ensured prompt deportation.


Brits don’t need psychotics from God knows where, desperate to hide who or what they really are.

But when Moaning Moreton rants that we do not want to see a repeat of that, alas, she doesn’t mean Theresa May’s craven U-turn in 2012 – she means the primitives’ infantile resistance.

“We see no reason why things would be different this time around. The Border Force union is against this.”

Hey, Lippy Lucy, your union members are public servants- do the job or make room for those who can and will -there must be plenty of patriotic Brits who’d appreciate a chance to earn a secure civil service salary.

But let’s not single out Moreton. A dopey dame named Josie Naughton, ‘co-founder of the refugees’ charity Choose Love,’ (gimme a break!) called the fingerprinting plan ‘deeply problematic.’

Oh Yeah? How come?

“…fingerprinting has led to serious violence affecting asylum seekers in the past.’