Tiny Minds, Huge Chips – London Hack Talks PC Hogwash!

“…you don’t often see Chinese people running a pub, it’s normally a takeaway! A microaggression on two counts because I’m not actually Chinese, and not all Asian business owners should be pigeon holed into only being able to run a food takeaway. ‘Thankfully, comments like this are uncommon now….”

But it’s perfectly true!

While here in Jakarta, and in Singapore…


Bars galore in Singapore- don’t know how the virus rules have affected them


…and in Hong Kong, places I have been to, plenty of Chinese people do a good job running bars, the nattering nag quoted above is talking about the UK.

Ask anyone you know in Britain and they’ll tell you that they’ve rarely, probably never, seen a Chinese pub landlord.

They’ll also say that many excellent take-aways are run by Chinese people.

What’s wrong with telling the truth?’

What’s wrong is the pathetic person quoted, allegedly a landlady of Asian origin, ethnicity presumably easily mistaken for Chinese, who is so infantile that she gets offended by a statement of the obvious.

She’s no better than a big baby, using big nonsense words like ‘micro-aggression,’ a silly word invented by the academic wing of the left’s grievance industry…

Chair Wars? Fretting For Fat-Asses In The Big Apple! 

The size of our society’s chairs is now being considered a “microaggression” against overweight people, according to a guide released by The New School, a private college in New York City. http://www.nationalreview.com/article/450431/chair-size-microagression-new-school

Hasil gambar untuk big fat ass

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McGill’s Moronic Micro-Marxism – Scrap the Cr#p! 


…to ease whatever hang-ups she has.

Why does any newspaper give a platform to such an uptight bint?

But the Metro hack has really got it in for one of the few remaining outposts of Brit normality.

‘You know you don’t belong’: Why people of colour don’t always feel welcome in pubs

Despite using that absurd phrase ‘people of colour,‘ the Metro hack plainly means coloured people, and many’s a pub has black or brown regulars.

It’s the same for them walking into a pub for the first time, as it was for me, when I moved to a small town in Cambridgeshire years ago!

If one is polite, amiable without being obtrusive- if you make an effort to fit in, you fairly soon find acceptance.

Before you know it, you feel at home – which is what a good pub should feel like.


Get this disgusting tosh!

While it would be unfair to say that all pubs are unwelcoming purely because they’re often adorned with flags, there is tense relationship between Black and brown British people and the Union Jack or the St George’s flag.

If any black or brown person calls him or herself British, then there is no room for a ‘tense relationship’ with either of the flags mentioned….

.Image result for uk flags…except if they are in Scotland or Wales or Ulster, when England’s banner of St. George is irrelevant. 

If your country’s colours make you uncomfortable, no matter what colour YOU are, then best to sod off to some other country where the flag appeals to you.

BTW, that’s NOT being ‘racist’ – I’d unhesitatingly give the same advice to unpatriotic white trash too.

Cultural marxists come in all varieties.


Often in the guise of media hacks.

They all loathe the nation to which their loyalty is due.


They should all sod off, to any land dim-witted enough to accept them.