‘Sinister?’ What’s ‘Sinister’ About Ulster’s Loyalty?

What’s “Sinister” About Keeping The Kingdom United?

Here’s a photo of one of the signs that went up across British Ulster in recent days.

Image result for sinister loyalist posters

We saw that word ‘sinister’ in a variety of media, including even the Belfast Telegraph, although they did use inverted commas to indicate it was not the newspaper’s adjective, but rather a pejorative applied by a disloyal vixen from a disloyal party, the SDLP, which has been  recognised all over Ulster as an Enemy Within, ever since the unlamented John Hume openly made common cause…



…with Sinn Fein/IRA’s Blood-Beast Adams and the leader of an alien republic which had, and still has, long harboured the arrogant ambition to see its flag flying over Belfast and the rest of that part of the UK separated from the other parts by the Irish Sea.

We read that ‘politicians have called on police to investigate “sinister” posters that appeared in two Londonderry towns overnight, one of which features a woman holding a gun. The poster, which appears to be influenced by early UVF posters, was mounted in Agivey Court in Garvagh on Saturday night.

It depicts a female figure holding a rifle underneath the phrase “Ulster 1912 – 2021?”, while below it states “Deserted. Well – I can stand alone” and “time to decide!”. Another poster beneath states: “Scrap NI protocol”.

The vixen we refer to is SDLP MLA Cara Hunter…


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Cara Hunter


…who has got her green, white and gold knickers in a terrible twist –

“I was disturbed to hear of sinister posters being erected in the towns of Garvagh and Aghadowey over the weekend…”

One might say that many British people in Ulster are perennially ‘disturbed‘ by the fact that the likes of Hunter are born and brought up in the UK, benefit from its welfare, educational and health services, yet still disgracefully withhold the allegiance due to the realm that has bestown so many blessings upon them.

Here’s another one, no better than he should be.

Sinn Fein MLA Caoimhe Archibald said: “One of the posters that was erected in Garvagh included what appears to be replicas of a historical poster of the 1912 period when thousands of guns were illegally landed in Ireland by the UVF….the addition of the term ‘Time to Decide’ is seen by many as a call to repeat the use of the gun in modern day Irish politics,” she said….


Image result for loyalist posters  woman gun


“There is no place for violence in Irish politics and posters such as those which have been erected only serve to increase community tensions,” she added.



Image result for ciaoimhe archibald

Sinn Fein’s Archibald

Oh, not he…she!

On searching for a photo, I learned that Comrade Archibald is one of those wretches given a name from an alien and archaic language by parents intent on making a point.

But regardless of her name, and her hard face, it’s her breathtaking effrontery that merits our attention.

She adheres openly to a party of treacherous scum symbiotically linked to a cowardly murder gang.



Sinn Fein/IRA have always been vermin ready to butcher innocents whenever they felt like it, and have NEVER repented of their vile atrocities. 

As to the poster of the gun-toting lady, good on her, and on the Ulsterfolk asserting their right to determine their own destiny.


Any party, or any government, in any country, which seeks to undermine Ulster’s British identity, should expect vigorous resistance –  whatever it takes to defeat betrayal.