Foul-Mouth School Board Sow To Anxious Mum- “I’m Gonna F–ck You Up!”‘

I had always imagined school boards were elected by parents, but California has become a very strange place over the years and so perhaps there is some other explanation of how a foul-mouthed sow named Kim Beede…


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….managed to get a place on Oakley Elementary School District board.

Thinking it was just the four of them in the meeting, she defended herself against a parent who chided her on social media for going to a party during the new coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic after declaring it was not safe to return to school.

She said, “B—-, if you’re going to call me out, I’m going to f— you up. Sorry, that’s just me!”

The other board members chuckled. Later on, she realized their meeting was open to the public.

Kim Beede biography: 13 things about ex-Oakley Union Elementary School District board member

Parents who are calling for schools to be reopened posted the video of the board meeting at which its members were apparently unaware parents were watching virtually.

Now these deplorable swine – the entire board – have resigned.

It seems Beede was elected.

One hopes that some decent people will be elected to replace them –

– and that perhaps an ability to speak English without resorting to gross obscenity will be a prerequisite for candidature.