Media Prefer Insulting Aussies To Exposing New Red China Cover-Up

Just a bit bothersome, is it not, that so much of the in-crowd media give more prominence to ‘personalities’ snarling at ordinary Australians.

Their sin was to dare to boo some Tennis Australia woman who gushingly sang the praises of the Andrews regime in Victoria state…


Image result for tennis australia booed

…then got all scoldy-huffy when the crowd expressed its clear distaste for Andrews and his socialist crew.

The media piled into the crowd…

…with infantile insults like ‘disgraceful’ and ’embarrassing…’



…..forgetful, maybe, of Andrews’ goon-cops and their jackboot attitude towards freedom of the press…


Victoria Police only protect media THEY approve

Another Oz Goon-Cop Update!  .

…but that’s typical of the rotten media, more eager to insult ordinary folk than to report on much more significant news, about the Chinese Virus, namely, leaked info on more Beijing cover-ups.


Xi Jinping (left), Tedros Adhanom (right). (Allan Rios illustration)