Truth Upsets Beijing Bullies, So Turdo Forgets ‘Human Rights’ –

Various lessons to be drawn from the Canadian House of Commons vote on Monday, that ‘non-binding’ motion that brands Red China’s ‘treatment of the Uighur Muslim minority as “genocide.” ‘

First of all, Justin ‘Pretty Boy’ Turdo abstained.


Pretty Boy Turdo


So much for all the bleating we hear from ‘Black-Face’ about how ‘human rights’ come first. It’s almost surprising that he didn’t ask MPs to look at the ‘root causes….’

Spot the difference – clue -it’s the moustache!


…of why Adolf Xi has become as megalomaniac tyrant.

Secondly, that motion was proposed by the rather effete fake-conservative ‘Conservatives…’

Canada’s “Conservative” Party – Scheer Lost- Is O’Toole Another Loser? 

…and they rendered it a mere talking point because they gave it no teeth.

‘Non-binding’ makes it meaningless.

They could and should have introduced legislation to vet all ‘students’ sent to Canadian colleges by the Beijing bandit regime…


Don’t Confuse Good Chinese-Canadians With Red Scum! 

….and if any were found to have ties to the Chinese Communist party, then expulsion tout suite should be the order of the day.


Oh, and when will ANY MPs take up the cause of Tibet…


…crushed under Red China’s colonialist jackboot for more than half a century.