The Double Standards of The Australian Media!

Usually I just let this brave Avi guy speak for himself, but this morning, I feel obliged to emphasise how hypocritical much of the Oz media can be.

Outrage, over the detention by dumbo Oz goon-cops, aka Victoria State police, of a Herald-Sun journaless, and fair enough.

Victoria is getting to be something of a police state…

Jaclyn ‘Jackboot’ Symes – Most Totalitarian Vixen In Oz? 

…thanks to the extremist apparatchiks of the Andrews regime.


Victoria Police only protect media THEY approve

Another Oz Goon-Cop Update!  .

BUT WHERE was the outrage over Avi Yemini’s detention by similar uniformed thugs last month?


He had indeed ‘warned the mainstream media about this months ago. Of course, they didn’t listen.  

This past weekend they found out that being part of the media elite is no longer enough to protect them from the unlawful arrests faced by scores of peaceful protesters and independent journalists like me.

On Sunday, massive protests against mandatory vaccines broke out in every capital city in Australia. Every single one of those protests was peaceful except for one: Melbourne. 

Melbourne police pepper-sprayed, kettled, and violently arrested protesters.

And in the melee, police arrested and frog-marched Herald Sun journalist Olivia Jenkins and a photographer (welcome to the party). 

WATCH and SHARE the shocking footage of Melbourne police violently breaking up the protest. 

This is why the media should STOP ignoring what happened to Avi Yemini

Oz Cops Colluding With Un-Australian Reds? 


Olivia and her photographer are out now, and the police have apologised for their conduct.  

It was quite the response, not just from the police but members of the media as well, who were shocked that any of them could possibly be arrested for simply doing their job. I don’t remember such an outpouring of support after my arrests for doing the same thing. 

That’s why we’re fighting hard to end these lockdowns and defend our right to free expression.  

If you want to join my fight to ensure this never happens again, please visit 

Yours truly, 

Avi Yemini
Chief Australia Correspondent
Rebel News 

P.S. I will be making a major announcement on this week — stay tuned for more.