Tell Jellyfish Johnson – Mordaunt Must Go!

One of my commenters asked me what I thought about the BBC grovelling to Islamists, hiding that clip of Barnett questioning the MCB bint.
I regret I didn’t respond, being diverted by small kittens, etc.

I will get around to that matter, next week, perhaps.

But now the UK public’s attention has been focused once more on the Muslim Council of Britain’s horrific record of Islamist fanaticism and disloyalty.

It’s not some UK equivalent of the Muslim Canadian Congress..

A Muslim Voice of Reason 

Tarek Fateh


…channeling Muslim support to Queen and Country. 

Far from it!

Decent British Muslims, as well as everyone else aware of the MCB’s agenda, must surely abhor such a gang.

The MCB had supported the Istanbul Declaration which justified attacks on Royal Navy ships enforcing a UN blockade on weapons intended for Islamist extremists in Gaza, thus putting itself beyond the pale. The MCB has never disowned that position….

By its own treacherous fulminations, the MCB tainted itself so badly that even the previous Labour government wanted nothing to do with it!


Johnson’s Tory minister Penny Mordaunt may have thought she was carrying a long spoon when she supped with the MCB but there’s’s no excuse for her subsequent collabo holler.

She tweeted: “Great to have met with Zara today, to wish her success and hear more about her plans, look forward to working with her.”

Mordaunt may only be Paymaster General in Johnson’s regime, but by consorting with the enemy she flouted standing UK government policy of…

…”not engaging with the MCB….

….that has not changed.”

Mordaunt has said some sensible things in the past, but after such a grave error of judgement, it is the duty of The Jellyfish to fire her….

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