A Last-Minute Reminder For USA Readers!

It IS important, so I am pleased to pass this on.



My best wishes to NOM and AFA and all good Americans fighting the gaystapo agenda.


The House of Representatives will be voting on HR 5, the grossly misnamed “Equality Act” this afternoon. This is the most dangerous federal legislation we have ever faced. There are three things I am asking every NOM supporter to do right now:
Please call your Representative immediately to express your opposition to this terrible bill. 
Sign our Petition to members of the US Senate so we have a head start should the House pass the legislation.
Tens of thousands of people have already taken action against this bill and we need every NOM supporter to sign our petition today.
Please make an immediate financial contribution to NOM so we have the funds we need to defeat this bill.
We call HR 5 the “InEquality Act” because it imposes vast elements of the LGBT agenda on the American people and strips people of faith of their religious liberty rights to live out their beliefs about marriage, life and human sexuality at home and at work. It even declares showing support for traditional marriage to be a “sex stereotype” which it categorizes as illegal discrimination against LGBT individuals.

The legislation has the support of every Democrat so it may narrowly pass the House. It is critical that we have the funds we need to mount an all-out opposition to the legislation in the US Senate. Please, I am asking you to make a sacrificial financial contribution today so we can take on this enormous threat to our values, beliefs and way of life. Will you stand with us at this critical time? Your donation will be 100% Matched, DOUBLING the effectiveness of your support.

Time is of the essence to try to stop this legislation. Please, call your Representative right now at 202-224-3121 to oppose the bill. Then, I ask you to sign our petition to key members of the US Senate and make a generous financial contribution to NOM to help us fight for your interests, rights and values. Remember, whatever amount you donate will be immediately matched