BBC = ‘Lies And One-Sided Journalism?’ What A Wise Welshman!

‘The public are becoming wise to lies and one sided journalism churned out by the BBC…’

We’ve noticed this Welsh fellow before…


A Patriot in Pembroke!. 

..and he continues to make sense.

Paul Dowson, UKIP’s Pembrokeshire county councillor, is almost spot on, when he calls out UK Pravda as a ‘shambolic mess’ – but I’m not sure about ‘shambolic’ – the BBC doesn’t serve up its daily mess of pinko pottage dressed up as ‘news’ by accident.

It’s deliberate.



Much of what the tax-funded propaganda channel spews out is baffling to normal people, in Wales and the wider world, but it makes perfect sense to the queer in-crowd  ( I use ‘queer’ in both its meanings!)

Councillor Dowson’s ire was provoked by a typical BBC smear job that targetted UKIP members and what is apparently a rather nifty YouTube channel called ‘Voice of Wales.’


Home | Voice Of Wales

I haven’t seen it, but they have evidently been doing good work on the Penally crimmigrant camp issue, among others.

Here’s their link –

— if you like to watch what they have to offer.

In any case, it’s not the BBC’s business to run campaigns against media that might attract some of its own many disillusioned viewers.

But by getting hold of left extremists whose only argument is the repeated use of the word ‘hate…’



…and giving them a platform, the BBC manufactured ‘news’ in collaboration with another left-run channel called S4C.