BBC’s Trump Derangement Escalating?

The inability of the BBC to present American news with any pretence of objectivity is getting out of hand.


That over-fed lump Lewis Vaughan Jones was no more biased than usual, at 8am Jakarta time today, with the usual UK Pravda variation on what impartial news-casters should say.

Instead of saying that Donald Trump ‘doubled down on the claim that he won the election,‘ LVJ added ‘which he lost,‘ which viewers surely ought to be left to make up their minds on.

But that superfluity is par for the course.

Then we had to listen to the droning voice of Nick Bryant, whose rabid Trumpophobia a little while ago shocked everyone…


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Bigot Bryant

BBC Bigot Bryant Flaunts His Left Bias, Again! 

…except those who know he’s a leftist hack.

Bryant was reporting today on the CPAC conference where conservative Americans were loudly maintaining their loyalty to the last fairly elected POTUS..



…and this was just too much for the BBC extremist, who came out with THIS gem of fair and balanced comment.

‘His part in the storming isn’t even seen as a sin!’

For God’s sake, since when was Father Bryant…

…or any other of the UK Pravda priestcraft, qualified to define ‘sin?’

Especially since only last week President Trump was exonerated of even a crime, never mind a sin?