Merseyside’s Foulest! Charge Bully-Cops With ‘Wasting Police Time!’


‘Being Offensive Is An Offence?’

Depends who’s offended – tax-payers who expect cops to pursue criminals, obviously, must be offended when they see these layabout ‘law enforcement’ idlers hanging about shopping centres trying to put the frighteners on everyday Brits…



….targetting, for example, decent people who think sexual perverts should not flaunt their aberrant behaviour in public.

But although I was going to have a hearty go at the upper echelons of UK policing, who may not all be rotten to the core…

…but a helluva lot are….

See the source image

Police-State UK? Don’t Dare Say It’s OK To Be White! 

Avon and Somerset Police Superintendent Andy Bennett said the action was“inexplicable and unacceptable,” and that the police treat “any reported hate crime with the utmost seriousness.” 

…and the kneelers who have dragged the good name of UK law enforcement through the PC mire…


London Fallen Indeed? Cur Cops Crawl Before The Rabble! 


…I’m not going to go on about it.

More important and most disturbing is that the top cop behind these disgraceful and absurd antics has admitted to promoting a BIG LIE –