Spanish Government Guilty Of Gang-Rape?

Any government worth its salt would have protected its people from invasion by filthy savages…

Canary Islands Welcome Poor, Desperate Narco-Migrants! 

Instead, the Spanish authorities bullied their own..

Spain’s Collabo Leaders Exalt Illegals, Abuse Resisters!

…and pandered to alien parasites.

But it’s not the handsomely salaried dignitaries who reaped the whirlwind. 


Four illegal immigrants hosted in hotels in Gran Canaria have been arrested for gang-raping a woman on the island.

The victim is a 36-year-old woman of foreign origin but a resident of the island who reported having been attacked in a park in the south of Gran Canaria, near the hotels where people arrived in boats and canoes are staying.

The full story, as reported, is sickening.


The victim, an Irish woman who has been living in the south of Gran Canaria for two years, said that on Friday she was walking through the Agua La Perra ravine park when she detected four people, according to her, quite young, in the green areas of the cited park. Apparently the young lady was not intimidated by the presence of these people, but rather, on the contrary, approached them to inquire about their condition and to know if she could help them with something.

Plenty more details if you translate the linked report, but although what happened to this poor woman, who naively thought crimmigrants merited sympathy, is sickening and should be punished mercilessly…



…is it not more sickening how the leftist regime not only let hordes of undesirables come ashore but deliberately encouraged more to swarm across the sea from Africa by providing hotel accommodation?

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Oh, and the particular barbarians should not have been roaming freely, for although they had been guests of one of those hotels whose use was enabled by both the Ministry of Migration and the Ministry of the Interior….



….this crimmigrant quartet had recently been expelled from one of those hotels for having caused problems of coexistence and not abiding by the rules of behavior of the center managed by the Spanish Red Cross

So why were they not locked up?



Why were they free to prowl with evil intent?

Morally, I’d say the Spanish authorities are culpable in respect not only of this latest crime but of all offences committed by such savages.