Victory For German Democracy – Court Slaps Down Merkel’s Secret Police Plan!

It was only a few hours ago when we looked at Mama Stasi Merkel’s VERY Stasi-style plan, informers an’ all, to undermine the main opposition party in Germany.

Having inflicted a hell of violence and rapine on her country, she and her coalition cabal fear the anger of the German people…



…and had hoped to use police state tactics to hobble the AfD patriots in the run-up to the next elections. 

Now, as my German readers have hastened to let me know, a court ruling has stopped the wicked old biddy in her tracks – at least for the time being!

Cologne administrative court said in a statement that it had ruled to suspend moves by domestic intelligence against the party for now. This was to prevent “unjustifiable interference” with the equal opportunities of political parties…

“This basis of trust has now been destroyed. With every announcement, the encroachment on the equal opportunities of the political parties deepens,” it added

Well, that’s clear enough, and big news, you’d think, at least in German media. As you see, above….

…the Deutsche Welle website has carried the story.

But NOT SO on DWTV, the tax-funded propaganda channel, whose hourly report  – 10pm Jakarta time –  carried NOT A WORD about how Mama Stasi has been thwarted.

A tiny strip of text along the bottom of the screen mentioned the glad tidings but the shrill American hackette compering the 10pm bulletin gave LOTS of info on the threat to democracy in Hong Kong, where Adolf Xi is all set to smash basic democratic principles…




…but as regards a similar threat in Germany, DW ignored the latest dramatic development, which deflected the jackboot aimed at subverting any chance of a free and fair election.

But then given DW’s vicious and hateful attitude to the patriots…

After AfD Surge, DW’s Comrade Crane Spews Bilious Bias! 

…this came as little surprise.