Mussolini Prowling New Orleans? More Foul Fox Leftery!

‘NCIS New Orleans’ Hero Endorses Marxist Trash Talk!

That was my original idea for a headline, but I opted for more colourful wording.


NCIS: New Orleans' Shocker – Original Castmember Says Goodbye After Six  Seasons – Deadline


After last week’s post on the leftist garbage churned out by whoever writes scripts for that Fox channel crime series….

Boosting BLM? Let’s Dump NCIS New Orleans In The Gulf! 


Scott Bakula Hints at What's Ahead for Pride on 'NCIS: New Orleans'

Scott Bakula as Dwayne Pride


….it got worse last night, with the hero, Dwayne Pride, now chairing a civic team tasked with improving the city.
At the first meeting, a retired cop responds as anyone would to an obnoxious marxist trash-talker, a sharp-faced, sharper-voiced bint who starts ranting about how she ‘calls out fascism when she sees it. ‘


Benito Mussolini, the first fascist!

Anyone who’s been to New Orleans, as I have, will be fully aware that there is nothing remotely ‘fascist’ about the steamy city.

No local Mussolini look-alikes marching down Bourbon Street.

I assume there some violent extremists on the go, probably BLM…


…or Red Nazi Antifa prowling about, as in any big American city these days.

If so, the mangy little marxist mutt at Pride’s meeting would undoubtedly be a card-carrying member. 

The ex-cop is so disgusted that he walks out.

Quite right!

Later Pride puts pressure on the man, after complaining absurdly that he isn’t ‘exactly interested in working with tomorrow’s leaders’ – by which Pride means the nasty nutjob, whose name is, I think, Allie.



The mayor’s assistant also fawns on the bitch, claiming that the obnoxious red tart‘represents that 40%’ ( explaining that she means the city’s young people)


It does get worse, but I see n need to labour the point made by those deliberate attempts to persuade viewers – who tune in for good action, not sermons – that the New Orleans young are all red vermin and that the shrillest red vermin are destined to rule?



Frankly, it spoilt the show for me and I bet a lot of other normal people.

We have more than once urged that material composed by pinko creeps…

….be excised from ALL their TV dramas!

Fox Smear Machine Turns Its Grubby Guns On ICE! 

Foul Fox Again! Fake History

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Fox Foul Play? We Did Warn You!

The Fox record, again as previously noted, simply STINKS!

Fox needs to clean up its act, take the show off the air, if the cultural marxist script-scum won’t stop pumping out offensive hogwash.