Two More Filthy Migrant Savages!

These disgusting alien ingrates should be put to death.




Mohamad T. (links, 24) und Schadi A. (24) bestreiten die Vergewaltigung. Die beiden Syrer kamen 2015 nach Deutschland, lebten in einer Unterkunft in Lüchow-Dannenberg

Tochter von Flüchtlingshelferin vergewaltigtBewährungsstrafen für zwei junge Syrer

You need only modest German language skills to get the picture.

Two of the alien savages that Mama Stasi Merkel imported in 2015, Syrians, as it happens, were given kindly help by a German who mistook them for human beings.

They raped their helper’s 15-year-old school-girl daughter.

A few more extracts –

After the sex attack, the duo threatened: “If you say anything, we’ll kill your whole family.”

She broke her silence only a year later, when one of the perpetrators was about to move into her house.

….In the trial before the youth lay judge’s court – the defendants were adolescents at the time of the offense – the so far unpunished duo denied the act.

Verdict: two years probationary youth penalty for Schadi A., 18 months for his accomplice, plus a fine of 500 euros each.

If I say that they deserve to be tortured to death, and if you disagree, please explain why.

As for what should be done to the evil woman who unleashed this plague…


…I welcome readers’ input. .