Swedes Finally Told Some Truths – Which They Already Knew!

As ever, or at least most of the time, the PC cops, not the rotten UK version….…nor the German version…Shocker – Honest Cop Unmasks Migrant Crime Cover-Up …but the spectacularly entrenched and awful Swedish brand….


Länk till presentation av Dan Eliasson

Before Dan Eliasson became Sweden’s national police commissioner, he tweeted that he ‘vomited’ when he saw Jimmie Åkesson, party leader of the Sweden Democrats, on television. 

The Eliasson Effect? Can Any Honest Patriot Still Aspire To A Career As A Cop? 

…have finally told us that the ‘mysterious’ man currently behind bars after the knife outrage…  

Waiting For The Truth In Sweden! 

…is not a Swede.

Police have said the suspect has an Afghan citizenship and that the case is being investigated as attempted murder, but they are also looking into whether he had a “potential terror motive”.

And there are entirely predictable extra nuggets of info!

Swedish media outlets also reported that the man had arrived in Sweden in 2016 and was awaiting a decision on an extension to his residence permit.

But he’s been in trouble with the law previously – why was he not at once sent back to where he belongs?

Oh, and…

Details of the man’s struggles with mental health have also emerged…


‘Lone Wolf…’ ‘Mental health…’