The Incredible Hull Drones – Grovelling To BLM!



Easy to say that about the sly sleazos reportedly so infected with grovelitis that they first of all created a ‘statue’ black-list to appease the BLM vermin…

a secret racism review carried out by a council after officials admitted they could not be seen to be doing “nothing” in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests…

…then went into cover-up mode, hidden from the city of Hull’s tax-payers, presumably because the councillors AND their flunkeys feared righteous public anger.

One expects Labour Party and LibDem councillors to be keen on collaboration with BLM scum, and God knows, given Jellyfish Johnson’s belly-crawl, maybe the Hull Tories too…

Has Anyone Costed Bojo’s BLM Appeasement Commission

…but ‘officials?’

Council officials are not just expected but required to be politically impartial – so it is essential to identify and dismiss whichever dirty leftist drone declared that he or she could not be seen to be doing “nothing” in the wake of Black Lives Matter protests..

 SERIOUSLY? If everyone had had the sense to do nothing – except call the cops- when the mangy BLM rabble started their nonsense…

 Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”

Black KNIVES Matter?

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…both Britain and the USA would be far happier countries. 

Who are Hull’s mere over-paid bureaucrats to get in a fret about ‘being seen to do nothing,’ when the vast majority of decent Brits would have welcomed BLM getting an over-due brush-off.

But the word “numbskulls’ suggests they are too stupid to distinguish between right and wrong.

No way!
Everyone in England, and in the other countries of the British Isles, knows rhat Black Lives Matter is an evil movement…


Finally, Black Lives Matter Releases List of Demands; Pay Attention, White  People - The Concerned American

…not just a brazenly racist slogan but a movement founded and directed by marxists…

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“We are trained Marxists.”
BLM co-founder

No More Subversive Subtlety! BBC Exalts Marxists!..

…dead-set on destroying the British heritage.

Those creepy stiffs on the staff of Hull City Council KNEW what they were doing and they KNEW IT WAS WRONG.

Officials stressed the secret list, carried out “behind the scenes”, would only be made public if they were directly approached..

I’m no big fan of Philip Larkin – give me good poetry like Kipling’s anyday – but he should not be threatened with erasure because of ANYTHING he said or wrote.

Better to erase that secret hit-list drawn up by gutless scum – 


– and fire the flunkey filth who drew it up.