BBC’s Witchell Makes It Official – Royalty’s “RACIST!”

As more and more normal people, in the UK, and the USA, and around the world, struggled to see why perfectly normal speculation about whose side of the family, mum’s or dad’s, a baby is likely to favour, had become a source of hypocritical ‘righteous’ wrath…


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‘Actress of The Year!’

Who Wants To Watch A Fat Rich Lefty Gush At Cuckoos?

….with one malevolent and/or stupid and/or politically-motivated pro-BLM turd after another… 


  …yes, she got into it too!


…trying to pretend it was ‘racist’ to speculate how dark or otherwise the boy would be….

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…we got the official BBC line –  which of course all Brits must now follow…

…when their Nicholas Witchell, broadcasting (‘ex cathedra?‘) from America, around 10- 11am Jakarta time, finally defined that perfectly normal question as a ‘racist remark.’



Why Nicholas Witchell broke down on BBC News - as fans raise health  concerns - Mirror Online

UK Pravda’s Witchell


Of course, the BBC Coven has been toiling diligently all day long to give platforms to vicious race-obsessed creeps, so far mostly American, but I can’t bear to watch the vile propaganda non-stop so I may have missed some.

Embley has been at his vilest-


 coming up soon!


– but why was it Witchell who got the job of branding an innocent question all of us have asked –

‘who’s it going to look like?’

– as ‘racist?’

Maybe just random?

Or did his recent little bit of controversy, when he vaguely suggested that the selfish, neurotic actress’s antics might be bad for the ailing Duke of Edinburgh’s heart condition…

…mean he had to make amends and reassure the coronet cuckoos that OF COURSE Britain’s Enemy Within had their backs?