Why Does UK Pravda Welcome Race-Obsessed Freakos?

Matthew Amromowallow had a weird woman on his show last night, which is not unusual…

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‘White Supremacism On Display,’ Says BBC’s Oily To BLM Red? Where? 

…..but Amromowallow’s latest guest was of course ranting about the Coronet Cuckoos.

It was ignorant, race-obsessed yapping, like how she ‘was so excited as a mixed race woman’ when the Cockatoos formalised their mating, but now she has to have a bleat about how ‘British society is guilty of denial…’

I didn’t get her name but she was one of those raddled leftwing lecturesses we expect on BBC.
Where do they find them?
Prior to that Amromowallow episode, there was an even more obnoxious creature identifiable as Shola Mos-Shogbamimu.
No way I’m going to keep typing that, so we’ll refer to her henceforth as She-Shog!
She-Shog’s a real big-mouth, but that’s not unexpected after checking her own website…
….and learned she is a political & women’s rights activist, taught intersectional feminism to female refugees and asylum seekers; scrutinizes government policies from a gender and diversity inclusion perspective; and co-organises women’s marches and social campaigns.

Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu (@SholaMos1) | Twitter


Shogbam is also a lawyer, registered in both the UK and the USA, which lowers our expectations even further.

She-Shog had already clashed with Piers Morgan, so I hear, but rather than re-hash that debate, I chose to dig a bit more into her current and previous outpourings and it left me wondering why the BBC would allow such a raving nightmare into their studio.

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She is quick to smear anyone she disagrees with as ‘racist’ and recently snarled at Laurence Fox, whom most really British people like – She-Shog abhors Fox’s ‘ambitious campaign of hatred, bigotry & racism…’

She says she doesn’t ‘condone or support’ the Begum Bitch but goes all BBC, calling the she-devil by her first name…


BBC On First-Name Terms With Jihadist Vermin

…as when She-Shog claims that –

‘Shamima is British & radicalised in Britain..’

….and wants the demoness brought back to the country she betrayed. 

The She-Shog doesn’t get onto first name terms with Priti Patel, preferring a level of name-calling which even I can’t match!

Official portrait of Rt Hon Priti Patel MP crop 2.jpg

‘racial gatekeeper extraordinare, Brown Executioner of racist xenophobic #Tory policies & visibly anti-black UK Home Secretary….’

But is the She-Shog even British?



When put on the spot, she damn near spat with fury.

“I never ESCAPED Nigeria. I’m Nigerian you racist fool.

A BRITISH BORN NIGERIAN UK is lucky to have me born in it. Nothing civilised about an institutionally racist country like UK…..

Not so, millions of Brits chorus in response and ask why She-Shog doesn’t sod off back to Nigeria…



…if that’s what she considers she is?

Nigeria is a republic.

No problems there with She-Shog being disrespectful to Her Majesty The Queen.

The Queen is not above reproach. She & the Royal Family are neither faultless or perfect. They have a case to answer for the failure to support #HarryandMeghan from racism/ hate media…

NOW, She-Shog, maybe more genuinely British Twitter-users will track you down and tell you where to go!