Spare A Thought For The Plight of Derek Chauvin!

The BBC began its report yesterday morning on the start of the trial of Derek Chauvin with ridiculous scenes of buffoons capering about in a ‘street-dance’ and then interviewing one of the less inarticulate dancers – no obvious reason why.


It might seem boringly old-fashioned but is anyone interested in seeing how the trial proceeds, and ends?

Or are we all just expected to assume that the jurors in Minnesota will be intimidated by the hue and cry among BLM blood-thirsties, that they’ll knuckle under and convict the cop?



Suppose, once all the arguments and evidence are presented, that the accused is found…

Not Guilty?

What then?

…attorneys for all four former officers cited numerous threats they and their clients had received in recent months. Afterward, protesters confronted three of the former officers…and their attorneys outside the courthouse, some chanting “Murderer!” at the officers while pursuing them for several blocks as they walked to their cars….

Does anyone seriously imagine that the savage ruffians who ran amok last year will accept any outcome that doesn’t meet their approval?


Jail that held officer who knelt on George Floyd accused of racial bias  after only allowing white staff to guard him | The Independent | The  Independent

I fear Mr. Chauvin will, for the rest of his life, have to look over his shoulder everywhere he goes.

That is as absolutely predictable as that night will fall here in Jakarta by 6pm today.


Staples man charged with arson in Minneapolis Police 3rd Precinct fire

BLM thrives on hate….

 Black Lives Matter co-founder tweets about killing “men and white folks”

Black KNIVES Matter?

…and there will be countless hate-fueled BLM bigots determined to earn kudos from their fellow-savages by hunting down any cop allegedly involved…


Deceased criminal Floyd


…in the death of the notorious career-criminal named George Floyd.

Just something to think about.