About Time! Overseas Brits To Regain Their Rights?

About time!

I don’t know how many of my fellow-expats here in the Tropics have been unfairly denied their right to vote by Tony B.Liar’s lousy legislation, which arbitrarily robbed expats of their rights if they worked or lived abroad for more than 15 years.
Unlike Brits resident in the EUSSR, Brits here have not organised to fight to regain the franchise.
The injustice still rankles, of course, but few, as far as I know, took the bizarre decision taken by many of their Continental counterparts, to seek nationality of the land they live in.


I love Indonesia and am very happy to live here.

But my allegiance, like that of all my known ancestors, is to the Crown  – and that will never change.


How my offspring may feel is not for me to say, but if the Queen’s successors behave in ways that devalue Britain’s values…

Bollocks, Prince William! Stuff ‘Diversity!’ 

…who knows?

The new plans will come as part of the Electoral Integrity Bill, which will be introduced to MPs in the next few months.

No firm date has been set for when the new rules will come in yet, but it’s expected to be in place for the 2023 May elections