BBC, VD, ‘Ignorant Things!’ UK Pravda’s Ageism Exposed!

We have had to take notice of Victoria Derbyshire before…


Victoria Derbyshire presents BBC News with domestic abuse helpline number  written on hand - Daily Record

BBC Evil On Display! 

…and had hoped we could avoid doing so again, but her performance yesterday was nothing short of outrageous. Derbyshire needs to be fired.

It was tea-time here in Jakarta, and I was a tad weary of watching UK Pravda’s rancid bias, one BLM guest bigot after another virtually since I had woken up, the BBC hosts eager to hear the monarchy bashed by aliens.



But Slick Vic was all lovey-dovey with a Guardian hackette, Nadeefa Mohamed, a ‘British Somali,’ so we were informed, who, unlike the BBC Coven. at least owned up to her disloyalty.


“I’m a republican!”

By that. she didn’t mean she was a fan of America’s GOP.

She meant that she lives and works in Britain, but withholds the allegiance to the Queen due from all British people. But then she was born in Hargeisa.

Somaliland’s a republic – maybe Nadeefa would feel more at home there?

As a hackette, she busily back-biting other journos not as far-left as herself. Derbyshire and she agonised over whether some UK ‘media are either reflecting or fostering racism.’


‘Especially on asylum-seekers,‘ wailed the disloyal Guardian grimnasty, as if reporting on the lying wannabe parasites gate-crashing UK territorial waters had anything to do with race.

All too soon, she was banging on about the ‘Archie Skin Question’ – so very, very vexed the gruesome lefty pair were about it.

Like all UK Pravda-Guardian pukes, they were oblivious to the real Britain, where most normal people, outside the Media-Left bubble, couldn’t care less about the ASQ.

Didn’t you voice curiosity if your children – or grandchildren – would look like your side of the family or not?

However, the Somali’s race-obsession flushed out Derbyshire’s own rabid leftism. 

At around 5pm, she puckered up her ugly lips and engaged in the Left’s favourite ‘ism,’ that hostility to older folk we all saw during Brexit.

“We all have older family members who say ignorant things like this.”

Derbyshire’s arrogant dismissal as ‘ignorant’ of older – or younger- folks who see nothing wrong with the question disqualifies her from employment in any media purporting to be impartial.