‘Asylum’ Ingrates? Contact Mental-Health-Meghan’s Problem Page!!

Reading the Daily Mirror is not normally an inspirational experience, but at least some information in their recent report on ‘asylum’ parasites…

…should inspire Brits!

Inspire them, that is, to organise more demos…



…and more out-pourings of public anger against Priti Pusillanimous and Jellyfish Johnson’s shocking failure to turn back the cross-channel bludger-boats!

A New Voice Making Itself Heard 

The alien ‘asylum’ whingers, inexplicably given yet another opportunity to whinge by the dreadful Daily Mirror…

…naturally bleated quite meghanically ( my new adverb to honour neurotic ne’er-contents) against the people of the country they have gate-crashed – “at both sites, about a third of respondents said they had mental health problems; about a third of respondents at Napier said they had felt suicidal.”


Write to Auntie Meghan’s Problem Page…

…why don’t they?


But better still!

Residents at both locations also reported being shouted at and intimidated by protesters and members of the public who did not want them there.


Of course most Brits don’t want them there!

Free-loading liars are rarely welcome anywhere!