‘Teaching Assistant?’ Should Be Fired, THEN Flogged! And That Judge?

The foul lout’s name is Shayden Spencer and whilst I’m grateful to Breitbart for reporting the details…


….of how the cur threw a metal ‘piece of barrier that had been broken up‘ at police officers, I don’t see why they call him a BLM ‘protester.’.

Protest involves the written or spoken word, not violence more appropriate to a psychopath…


…like most if not all BLM ‘protesters,’ who are best defined as filthy savages.

The swine should not have been allowed to walk free from the court this week.

He should certainly not be allowed to hold onto his job as a ‘teaching assistant.’



He should be publicly flogged, or better still slapped into the stocks…

…where decent British people who despise BLM racism and all its works, could go and hurl things at him.

But more priority should be given to stripping a clown named Gregory Perrins of his judicial robes.


Judge Gregory Perrins

The man’s unfit to clean the court toilets.

Judge Gregory Perrins, too, appeared more than willing to offer excuses for the convict……

The judge went on to praise Spencer — a teaching assistant — as being “plainly someone who has the potential for a bright future…”



Word of the Day: Hoodlum

In WHAT possible way can a street hooligan be said to have such potential?