Creepy Cuomo Redefines Cancel Culture!

Laughable, how Creepy Cuomo – the elder brother, not the CNN leftist lout….


Story image for chris cuomo antifa from RealClearPolitics

CNN – So Cuomo’s OK With Stoning US Troops?!? Chris ‘Fredo’ Cuomo  (Kermit, we used to call him, because of his frog-like face) BLM Terror Victims Get Scolded For Their Courage! 


Will UK Pravda Cover Up ANY Leftist Lie?

….seeks to exculpate himself by accusing his accusers of trying to ‘cancel’ him over the allegations of gropery.

Even as he struggles to brazen it out, Cuomo is true to the Enemy Within agenda, determined to discredit the resistance to cancel-culture, equating straightforward calls on him to quit as New York Governor, not just for allegedly wandering fingers but for much more serious charges…

Andrew Cuomo’s Aide Admits NY Hid COVID-19 Nursing Home Deaths to Avoid Federal Investigation

,,,with the cultural marxist onslaught…Is Amazon Racist? Sign This Petition!…on free expression and debate.

I said the other day I thought he’d survive the demands that he resign, but that was before yet another lady unwise enough to be alone with the oily creep issued a statement…

….that he took the opportunity to ‘fondle’ whatever charms were within her blouse.

Now he may well be forced out, but is it not interesting that already he’s paving the way for a come-back by undermining people’s understanding of what the REAL Cancel Wars…

Antifa Red Nazis White-Washed By So-Called ‘Journalist!’ 

…are all about?