Oz ABC's Blatant Bias!

Even the leftists on the Australian tax-funded-propaganda channel…



…the odd couple on their Planet America show this morning, saw through the creep Cuomo, whose follies we have oftimes noted…

…and whom we discussed earlier today.

Creepy Cuomo Redefines Cancel Culture! 

But their customary, rampant ABC leftwing bias was hard to suffer when the issue of USA voting rights came up.

The younger one, who sounds like a raucous football lout, actually said that the ‘Republicans have been pushing legislation which could be seen as suppressive’ of Americans’ right to vote.


Cowardly clown – resorting to that phrase ‘could be seen,’ shuffling off his own prejudices onto anonymous others.

Snappy-Dresser, his co-host, did nothing to balance the message, and indeed both seemed to accept everything said by their guest…

Jobs with Common Cause

…another leftist, named Sylvia Albert, who dissed Republican efforts to reform voting systems. She belongs to something called ‘Common Cause.’

No Republican guest had been invited…

….and worse still, Sweet Sylvia was followed by a fat black man, Martin Luther King the Third, who, to say the least, is NOT a Republican.  

More on Planet America tomorrow, if I have time.