Ask Justin Turdo To Listen To Whining Boston Bomb Pig!

I won’t repeat the pathetic whines emanating from that dirty jihadist scumbag Tsarnaev.

The sectarian murderer, who disgracefully has so far avoided the death penalty he deserves for his Boston Bomb atrocity….

No Boston Bomb Justice! Asylum-Seeker Pig Spared Death! 

…is making all kinds of uppity demands to make his incarceration more fun.


Tsarnaev – a face that needs a daily kicking


It annoyed me just to read them but if you feel like being annoyed, please use this link.

Meanwhile, since the Khan of Turdistan is big buddies with the senescent puppet in the White House, maybe Kamala Harris, who has the job of running the USA…

Idiom Quiz - the power behind the throne

…could prop Poor Old Joe up by the phone and have him invite Pretty Boy down for a weekend.


Turdo Junior made it clear, when every decent person in the world was condemning the Boston Bombing, that he was at least equally concerned to ‘look at the root causes.’

Apparently he didn’t then, and still doesn’t know, probably, that the root cause of homicidal jihadism is simple to get – its adherents are demonic.



Hence The Turd might benefit, learn a lot, if he came across the border and spent some quality time listening to the numerous and absurd grievances of Pig Tsarnaev, absorbing the filthy savage’s effrontery.

Or perhaps Turdo is unteachable?