Today’s The Ides Of March!

I only got back from Superindo with some shopping when I realised that today’s…

‘The Ides Of March!’


That date in Ancient Rome’s calendar became forever famous when Julius Caesar was assassinated by Roman nobles.

They did so because they feared their country was at risk from the great soldier’s ambitions.

Lucky Mama Stasi Merkel, who has proven herself much more destructive to her country than ever Caesar was to his.



Although her conduct surely merits the description ‘treason,’ she is only punished at the polls, not by ‘Ides’ action-replays on the part of good German people driven desperate by migrant violence and rapine.



She and her cabal saw these electoral setbacks coming, which is why she set out to damage the AfD patriot party….

Merkel’s Secret Policing Of Patriot Party IS PURELY Political 

…as we pointed out a week or two ago.



Regrettably, Merkel’s dirty trick appears to have worked.

The voters did not turn to the AfD…

… the only party that recognises multicult migration as at least as terrible a threat as the Chinese Virus.

Instead many voters stayed home or went with the FDP (whom some call ‘rightwing’ but who aren’t, really)

However the federal election is still quite a long way off, so there may well still be time for a resurgence of resistance to Germany’s Enemy Within.