Oklahoma Virgin Not Blessed With Balanced Vision!

Using obscene language on a PA system, even by mistake, is not acceptable and an apology from the Oklahoma broadcaster ought to be – and has been – offered, covering also his use of the N-Word.

Norman High School-Midwest City

But the man was absolutely provoked by players’ atrociously bad behaviour!

His outburst occurred in response to a grossly offensive display by a team of disloyal basketball brats – kneel-creeps, who deliberately disrespected their country’s national anthem.



They deserve to be disqualified, at least for a season or two, until they learn some manners – obviously an apology from these little kneely-creepers is also required.

So what are we to make of a strangely vacuous-looking woman named Emily Virgin….


Emily Virgin | KGOU


….the minority leader of Oklahoma’s state house of representatives,’ who went on a verbal rampage over the episode.

“I am absolutely disgusted by the actions of the broadcasters who used racist slurs against our Norman High basketball team. They should immediately resign or be fired.”


Okay, but there’s been an apology.

What about the obnoxious brats?

“Our student athletes should be commended for their courage, not disparaged.”

What kind of ‘courage’ is involved in a pack of young vixens flaunting uppity, unpatriotic attitudes?