It’s ‘Religious-Related!’ Truth Dragged Out Of Oz Cops!

Just saw a press conference, a senior cop in Australia, on the latest terrorism arrests in Melbourne.


As to those detained, few details.

Yet wasn’t it interesting, the first journo question on the arrestees’ motivations?

 ‘Is it extreme rightwing?’

I wonder which journo from which section of the media asked that eager question.

No, came the slowly and almost reluctantly enunciated response.

It’s ‘religious related.’

So we all sit back, wondering if it’s pesky presbyterians, or fanatic adventists?

Then somebody asks the question we all want answered.

Is it Islamic?”


So now we wait.

Although, bizarrely, one of those arrested is not waiting behind bars.

He’s been sent home! No, I don’t mean whatever benighted country he or his family came from- I mean his house, in Melbourne!

Of one thing we can be sure – IF they are convicted – there’s little chance they’ll get beheaded, alas. 



But they should be deported ASAP to some dismal dump of a country where they’ll feel more at home.

Why should Australian tax-payers have to feed, clothe and house them ( and provide tv, no doubt!) for decades?


Or will it be decades, or just a few years with their snouts in the tax-trough?