President Marine? Even Arkansas Lefts Are A-Fret!

Some might ask why an extreme Europhiliac organ like EUOberver feels a need to publish articles by a leftwinger from Arkansas, but since they have, the least I can do is quote from it, viz.

The recent statements and actions by Macron…indicate a shift towards the position of the RN and raises the public importance of RN-owned issues.


The ‘RN’ refers to Marine Le Pen’s patriot party, the National Rally, which, according to the lefty American prof, ‘owns’ – his fancy-pants academic way of saying ‘has a special and widely recognised  interest in’  – issues like…



…the migrant menace and Islamist disloyalty

As public concern and attention to these issues grows, the chance that voters are thinking about issues owned by the RN at the 2022 election increases… 

OMG -we can’t have that, can we?

It’s a well-known ugly truth that the ruling class does all it can to make sure its lapdog parties do all they can to STOP voters thinking about issues of such serious significance.

In Britain, for example, there was for years an unwritten Labour/Tory pact to smother immigration as an election issue.

In Germany, Mama Stasi and her Socialist coalition comrades are as one in their jackboot policy of stamping down……

German Collabo Parties Trample Fair Play! 

AfD accuses Bundestag rivals of Nazi-era tactics

…on the only party that’s loudly and clearly opposed to the policy of crimmigrant colonisation.

And please note the Dutch in-crowd parties, ready to consider coalition with anyone – except the party opposed to that migrant menace!

Happily, the Arkansas academic is in pessimistic moid.

He is seriously vexed rhat the ruling party, Macron’s, is trying (not very firmly, true) to pay attention to these big issues.

He thinks if people are focused on the really serious issues, this will boost Marine!

Let’s hope the lefty is right!