Denmark – Tell ‘Em To Shape Up Or Ship Out!

According to EU Observer, Denmark is to limit the number of “non-Western” residents in poor neighbourhoods to 30 percent by 2031….


It would be quite wrong if this plan were aimed at coloured people, but it isn’t. It’s aimed at aliens unwilling to assimilate. nothing to do with race or colour. 

Most of us know that many black and brown citizens are law-abiding, decent folk who behave a lot better than what I would call ‘white trash,’ scum like the Stinko Rebellion…


…or the Red Nazi Antifa vermin, who are often as white as I am but have no allegiance to Queen OR Country. 

But reading on, we find that the ‘new legislation,’ amazingly put forward by a ‘centre-left government,’ is aimed very precisely – at preventing the “the risk of an emergence of religious and cultural parallel societies….”

…among those whom Danish Interior Minister Kaare Dybvad Bek described as ‘non-Westerners.’

The problem of ‘Non-Westerners’ could be solved a lot more quickly.

Denmark is a Western country, by geography, history and culture. Visitors, business travellers and students, of course, are and should be made welcome.


However, if anyone wishes to settle permanently, he or she should be willing to, indeed be obliged to, become a Dane.

In other words, ‘Western!’

NOT ‘Non-Western!’

If migrants refuse to give up the culture and customs of the places whence they migrated..

…then a polite but firm directive ought to be given – go home!

But on Friday last, I was watching RT, a tv news report on the Danish plan, and saw an intensely arrogant man called Mohamed Shafiq, who works with something called the ‘Ramadhan Foundation.’



Shafiq The Uppity


This fellow’s insolence was astounding. His key words were that –

‘…integration is a two-way street! 


Sure, if a Western person and a Non-Western person are marooned together on a desert island!

But if you move to somebody else’s country, it’s YOUR duty to fit in, not the people whose country you move to!

Integration is ALWAYS the migrant’s responsibility.

Not the Danes!

AND not the Brits – because a quick check reveals that Uppity Shafiq is British-based, born in Rochdale, and he is quite viciously intolerant

When a civilised Muslim Liberal Democrat posted an utterly harmless cartoon on social media, in 2014, the rabidly sectarian Shafiq responded on Twitter

We will notify all muslim organisations in the UK of his despicable behaviour and also notify Islamic countries.”


And we all know what that can lead to. .. 



…if moronic savages like that one in the photo get uptight! 

That’ Ramadhan Foundation’ was also among the Enemy Within gang urging that Bitch Begum be allowed back to the country she betrayed.

So why would RT invite such a raving extremist onto their news programme?

It’s more what we might expect from the BBC!

My research suggested an answer. 


The emergence of 24 hour news has produced an insatiable need for talking heads and social commentators…

However, RT may be open to criticism for inviting this unpleasant fanatic to air his rubbish, but compared to UK Pravda….

BBC’s Heroine ( BLM Cop-Killer Fan!) Condemns The Queen! 

…they are still much more balanced.