Again, Behold Erdolf’s Insolent Arrogance

So the ‘Turkish foreign ministry accused Greece of harbouring terrorists?’

How many terrorists, arsonists, rapists and other assorted scum has Erdogan’s evil regime sent cheerfully into Greece?

Erdolf’s flunkeys are belly-aching because they claim that followers of their boss’s bete noire, Fethullah Gülen, have been given refuge by the Greek Government.

Their ululations have increased in volume after an interview with Gülen on Greek tv.

Yet only days after that news popped up on EU Observer, another report in the same Europhiliac, prejudiced, but often well-informed ( friends in high Brussels places, methinks!) told us that Brussels is abandoning all plans to sanction the aggressive authoritarian regime in Ankara. 

The EU has frozen plans to sanction more Turkish officials over gas-drilling in Cypriot-claimed waters, amid a detente in relations, four EU diplomats told the Reuters news agency.

“Work has stopped on additional blacklistings of Turkish individuals, and we are not talking of economic sanctions anymore,” one EU diplomat said