Brits? Ever Shop In W H Smith? Ask ‘Em If They’re Censoring!

After Amazon’s outrageous suppression of that book on trans-freaks…

Big Tech Book-Burning? The New Normal? 

…we now read that –

‘…in the UK, W H Smith appears to have followed suit…

WH Smith agrees £155m deal for US airport chain InMotion | Financial Times


‘Although adverts for the book from the retailer still come up in a Google search, clicking on the ad now redirects to the page for “Books on Transsexuals and Hermaphroditism Studies…”


Time for Brits to contact WH Smith’s bosses….

If you have a customer query please telephone our Customer Services Department on 0333 600 5000 or alternatively you can email us –

…and ask what’s going on!

This news came from C4M.

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