Hurray! “NCIS (PC) New Orleans” Shutting Down!

Thanks to one of our Jakarta Australian readers, I hear that the increasingly dismal ‘NCIS New Orleans…’

NCIS: New Orleans' Shocker – Original Castmember Says Goodbye After Six  Seasons – Deadline

– once an enjoyable action series, dragged down by appalling leftist script-writers who turned the heroic law enforcers into creepoids concerned to promote the racist BLM movement –

…is due to be scrapped in May.

Not before time!

Boosting BLM? Let’s Dump NCIS New Orleans In The Gulf! 


Scott Bakula Hints at What's Ahead for Pride on 'NCIS: New Orleans'

Scott Bakula as Dwayne Pride


My ‘PC’ headline can be interpreted as ‘Politically Correct’ but equally as ‘Pinko Creep’ – and that’s how the star seems determined to present himself!

The main character, Pride, is currently besotted with a middle-aged woman who works with the far-left ACLU…

The Final Nail in the ACLU’s Coffin

…while collaborating with a whiny chick who sees ‘fascism’ around every corner.

Mussolini Prowling New Orleans? More Foul Fox Leftery! 

I watched it last week, probably for the last time.


My Friday evenings will surely be better spent on research for blogging!

Although last night, I watched NCIS, the original, which is still going strong, and that episode had a good message, the heroes fighting the evil Islamist Taliban in Afghanistan. 

For more on NCIS changes, here –