Will UKIP Rise Again?

Most of my British readers were at one time members or at least fans of UKIP and I have an idea many who dropped out are about to drop back in.


There’s a particularly good article which I read last week, encouraging Brits to rally to that party’s banner, and I offer you a quote.

.. the central dynamic in liberal democracies is a clash between liberalism and democracy.

Liberalism is no longer about a better society for all based on free speech, understanding and equal rights.

It is now a caricature of the ideas developed by liberal thinkers during the Enlightenment.

Spot on!

Every time I think of Theresa May’s repudiation of conservatism…


World Needs Liberal Democratic Values – Theresa May

.. issued when she led the Conservative Party, or hear other people who ought to know better endorsing the ‘liberal world order…’



 …I despair of the parties once trusted to uphold law and order and national sovereignty…

Liberalism today is about using rights for the privileged few (based on their power or identity) to undermine the democracy that is society’s only protection for the many… https://www.conservativewoman.co.uk/why-i-believe-ukip-is-back-on-track/

Here’s another link…


…to let you ponder UKIP policies at present on offer.