C’mon, Brits! Help Fight Gaystapo Evil!

No need for comment, for ACTION is required. Please read this from C4M and take necessary steps…



….to fight the latest attempt to advance the vile gaystapo agenda.

The Government is considering a ban on so-called conversion therapy. It wants to ban coercive pseudo-medical practices which claim “to turn gay people straight”.

But LGBT activists want to go much further. They want LGBT theology to be imposed upon churches and faith communities using the criminal law. This would include teaching on marriage.

If they get their way, the effects could be unpredictable. So while churches could continue to refuse to host same-sex weddings, they will face a legal minefield when it comes to explaining and applying this stance to their own congregations.

Whether you have a faith or not, please take action today.

Contact Liz Truss MP, the Minister for Women and Equalities, with your concerns now.


Please use your own words, you will be much more effective that way.

If you are a church minister, Christian or adherent of another faith please say so.

Please say that a vaguely worded ‘conversion therapy’ ban could unintentionally criminalise beliefs about marriage.

Some additional points are below.

  • Say that those who uphold traditional marriage risk being caught up in an over-broad ban.
  • Say that the belief that marriage is only between one man and one woman is still held by millions of people in the UK, including in ethnic minority groups. It is worthy of respect, not the threat of prosecution under a conversion therapy ban.
  • Say that a targeted approach is needed, dealing with coercive practices, not sweeping new powers which punish people who believe in marriage.
  • Say that activists have said they want the conversion therapy law to ban churches from teaching the Christian view on marriage.
  • Say that people who believe in marriage have often been unjustly punished for their beliefs, e.g. Ashers Bakery and Felix Ngole. The law currently protects them and this must not change.
  • Ask if the Government intends to hold a consultation on the scope of any ban and whether it intends to respect beliefs about traditional marriage in faith communities.
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