EUSSR Ties Crimmigrant Curb To ‘Rights’ Rot!

Yes, they’re at it again.

The Strasbourg Slugs aka ‘MEPs working on the new EU-wide asylum reforms’ are getting vexed because – as was entirely foreseeable, given that a few national governments put the interests of their own people ahead of the subservience required by Kaiserin Ursula….



….the Slugs are suffering from‘doubt on whether agreement will be reached with their co-legislating member state counterparts.’

German socialist Birgit Sippel and Dutch Green Tineke Strik said EU countries are already trying to water down some of the proposals.


Well, if a Socialist and a Green are the main moaners, the action causing them grief has almost GOT to be good. 

The way the scheme is devised, it offers no prospect of the massive return of undesirable aliens that is the only sane way forward.



EUObs also strikes an encouraging note ( not to those who run that most virulently Europhiliac wing of the left media, but to us!) when it adds that a ‘proposal to create independent monitors on human rights is also on shaky ground.’

Note the photo used, if you follow that EUObs link, a peaceful scene, nothing like what border defenders actually have to face…



…and why the last thing they need is a pack of pinko sticky-beak ‘monitors…’

….whining about ‘human rights’ every time some crimmigramt creep doesn’t get his pocket-money on time, or his free wifi conks out!