A Moment"s Effort Exposes Sauron's Evil Meddling

.A welcome bit of news in the Guardian..

They can see us in the dark’: migrants grapple with hi-tech fortress EU


…not about the benefits of a carrot-heavy diet, but even better, telling of the woes of bare-faced crimmigrants (whom the Guardian aids and abets by hiding their identities!)

It seems these arrogant swine are upset that their lawless incursions are oft-thwarted due to enhanced technology!

The Guardian relates the unsubstantiated, unproven excuses…

…provided by various aliens for refusing to do what honest would-be migrants do.

Submit applications for visas and offer convincing proofs?

God Forbid!

Instead, the leftist media hacks simply fall back on a well-funded rat-pack dedicated to subverting secure frontiers.



This rat-pack combines the efforts of numerous agitprop outfits in various European countries…



..and calls itself the ‘Border Violence Monitor Network! ‘



But as my readers expect of me, I investigated where these rats get their cash.



It took me just minutes – but you’ve probably guessed in seconds – yes, the picture is a handy clue!



Currently BVMN receives support from the following foundations: