BBC's MIss Disinformation? Oh-So-Selective!

Did anyone else catch what UK Pravda’s Comrade Mariana Spring was on about at 7.30pm ( Jakarta time) last night?

She’s the BBC Disinformation Commissar, and she was gabbling very fast, presumably excited about the propaganda show she is imposing on the viewers coerced into paying the BBC license tax.

  • BBC World Service - Trending, The Anti-Vax Files


‘The Anti-Vax File,’ she says it’s called, and it’s a propaganda venture, aimed at people who don’t trust experts to know what’s best, at people who suggest W.H.O. is not operated by benign, upright characters….

WHO Rants About Dis-Info – How About Their Less-Info? 

.Xi Jinping (left), Tedros Adhanom (right). (Allan Rios illustration)

…but who would dare say that? .

She’s one arrogant little bitch, that Comrade Marian, who has shamelessly invoked a hate-group to bolster one of her previous media vendettas.

Q-Anon – BBC Brings On SPLC Hate-Group!

She’s also a bit of a hypocrite, if she thinks that denial of WHO as a source of scientific truths merits counter-attack by means of a special programme…



..but shows never a sign that deliberate distortion of scientific truth by BBC hacks who repeatedly describe this maladjusted man as ‘she..’


….is at all inconsistent with her purported insistence on proven scientific fact!