BBC Debate – On How To Curb Debate!

Accidentally, tv unmuted while distributing fish to three hungry kittens…



…and two adult cats..



…including the prodigal Katty, above, who seems weary of his wanderings, I happed upon the most biased BBC production this week, maybe…


It was on around 9.30am Jakarta time, dubbed ‘World Questions.’

.. with an impudent UK Pravda clown musing ‘how we can eliminate bias’ but NOT including a single dissenting voice!



Oh yeah, debate’s okay, depending what you want to debate!

Sure, they batted around how best they might undermine any contrarian voices striving to be heard…

…yet BBC had NOBODY opposed to suppression of dissent from in-crowd orthodoxy on how to handle the Chinese Virus

We had a Twitter twit…

Dirty Dorsey Apes UK Pravda To Conceal Vote-Fraud Facts! 

Hey, Twitter’s Still Outlawing The Truth! 

…who brazenly denied his master Dorsey’s censorious site was partisan!

And a WHO woman…


Xi Jinping (left), Tedros Adhanom (right). (Allan Rios illustration)

…oh, and the berk who founded that leftist ragbag Bellingcat…

Bellingcat?’ Self-Confessed Liberals Funded by Soros! Exposed By BBC! 

.. who obviously considers his sort better than most…


…, as he wittered about the need for the ‘populace’ to be ‘educated.’

Oh, and a ‘technosociologist’….and some old geezer who did not appear even to pretend to have any relevant expertise.

Not many of the victims of the ‘experts’ who approved thalidomide all those years ago, may still be around, but those who remember how long it took to get to the truth, to get justice…?

What would they think about this war on dissent?