Slap-Down For Criminal ‘Students!’ Good For Greece!

The Guardian had a quite balanced report on Greece’s plan to clean up their universities last month.

That unusual balance was why I noticed the article!
They actually admitted that political and regular criminals were running amok on some Greek campuses.

We often write about undesirable aliens who make life awful for decent Greeks…


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…but not much about disgusting home-grown scumbags that are just as bad as the fake-‘refugees.

Hence to day, let’s have a look at the appalling situation which arose because of an imbecilic law that forbade police access to university grounds, believe it or not.

Some klutz from the far-left is quoted saying that nowhere in the world are police allowed on campuses.

His lie is shot down promptly by Niki Kerameus, Greek Education Minister.


Niki Kerameus


“…it’s simply not true to say that elsewhere police don’t intervene when criminal incidents occur on campuses, because they do.”.

But we read about grubby little red rats like Stergios Grigoriou and his fellow students, who in Thessaloniki, surrounded the Greek metropolis’s main university site and barricaded every entrance to it.



“Our demand is simple. The educational bill has to be withdrawn,” said Grigoriou. “It’s a repressive law that far from serving our needs only serves the fake needs of a conservative few.”

‘Serves our needs?’

Who does he think he is?

He is in his third year – has he paid anything for his business studies course?

Is he serving Greece’s needs? Hardly…

He’s an idle parasitic slob, who brazenly admits he now spends more time “on the frontline” than behind his books. ‘

We have looked a year or two ago at the problem of undesirable wasters…

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….in Athens, not in Thessaloniki, but the problem is common to both.

They were left untroubled by policing, thanks to the absence of interest in law enforcement on the part of the dreadful Red Tsipras…

In urban centres, campuses previously known as no-go zones for police have become synonymous with crime and decay. Drug peddling, sexual assault and the presence of anarchists and other anti-establishment groups…



…whose Syriza party is now shrilling its hostility to the new, more rational, government’s plans for reform.

Criticism of the bill has focused on the plans for an unarmed police force. Empowered to arrest students perceived to be involved in criminal activity, the 1,030-strong body of specially trained men and women would be able to call in riot police if deemed necessary.

Damned fine idea.

‘Students involved in criminal activity?’

A few whacks with a riot-police billy-club might make these ‘students’ decide they’re at uni to study, not plan crimes or terrorise decent colleagues!

For leftwing parties who have viewed the asylum law as sacrosanct – and are mindful of the role of campuses as recruiting grounds – the prospect of any police presence comes perilously close to erasing freedom of expression.



“We hear of outrageous transgressions of security, even professors being attacked in lecture theatres, and of vandalism and theft,” said Prof Kevin Featherstone, who teaches contemporary Greek studies at the London School of Economics. “Asylum rights born in a different era have been grossly abused to the detriment of all.”


Another aspect I hadn’t previously been aware of is an aged parasite class in academia, viz.

In a first, the bill deals with the phenomenon of “eternal students” – 40% of Greek undergraduates continue their studies into middle age…



Who pays for THAT?