Watch This! Oz Stinko Hypocrites Exposed!

Most thinking people despise the Stinko Revulsion scum….

X-Stinko Revulsion. Green Nazis Make War On Press Freedom! 

Arrogant Stinko Scoff-Laws, Egged On By Big-Name Berks! 

…who have made it clear time and again that they don’t give a tinker’s cuss about decent folk trying to earn an honest living.


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A Stinko lout kicks out viciously, turning his hatred against workaday Londoners

This morning London commuters furiously dragged a protester from the top of a train at CanningTown


So many of you will be unsurprised by the Australian wing of the vermin gang’s antics in Melbourne.

I append some of his report below…

Among the many climate sins committed by the protesters, parking a diesel truck in the middle of a busy intersection may have been the worst. This stunt led to cars being stuck in traffic for hours until police brought in another diesel truck to tow it. 

So I visited their camp to ask the tough questions. 

Watch and share what happened next. 

This is how you EXPOSE the biggest climate HYPOCRITES on the planet

If you thought that was strange, the protest also held a “white privilege” workshop. What “white privilege” has to do with climate change is a mystery to me, but I thought maybe some of the protesters there could educate me on the issue.

Here, take a look: 

Extinction Rebellion now BLAME 'white privilege' for the 'climate emergency'

My boss Ezra doesn’t allow me to attend these types of protests anymore without a bodyguard. Like the large yellow-clad fellow in my video watching my back, good security isn’t cheap.  

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