UK University Honours Addled Brat

We know that many find her a controversial figure.’

University of Winchester
University of Winchester coat-of-arms.jpg

Not exactly, Joy Carter!

Many millions of people regard the Addled Swede Brat an OBNOXIOUS figure.



She skipped so much school that her fellow-spoilt-brats around the world, like those ill-disciplined, immature malingerers in Australia…


…may seek to attribute her shrill incoherence to ignorance.

However, no matter the explanation, mental retardation or malice….

…there is NO excuse for Winchester University’s waste of scarce funds, irresponsible extravavance that should be remembered…



…next time the wasters whine for additional public funding.

Their Vice-Chancellor, Ms Joy Carter…



…is a fatuous flibberty-gibbet who should be put out to pasture. Please email, telling her to retire asap.

As a university we welcome debate and critical conversations… ‘

So whose their next choice for a ‘controversial’ statue…

An Affront To Decency – Hitler Statue Next?

… to provoke ‘debate and critical conversations?’