Again, A Carefully Chosen BBC Left Guest

And once more, UK Pravda presented us with a guest clearly selected for his leftist bias.



The childish appeasement mentality afflicting baseball’s big bosses is deplorable.

Their move to deprive Atlanta fans of the All Star Game…

What Are Baseball Bats Made Of


…is surely a mean-spirited ( and illogical) leftist reprisal against Georgia legislators who passed a voting reform law last month, and it will be debated hotly in the USA.

A debate requires both sides to be heard.

But BBC World News viewers got to hear one side only, that it was a case, not of exploiting sport to advance a leftist agenda, but a matter of “a clear right and a clear wrong! “


This time the vehicle chosen to put the BBC leftist argument was a pinko hack from the leftwing Los Angeles Times, Bill Shaikin, who had already urged the All Star Game be moved.

Smarmy Lewis Vaughn Jones, almost predictably…

BBC’s Over-Fed Slug Goes Ballistic! 

Lewis Vaughan Jones in the BBC World News studio presenting the news live on TV

Lewis Vaughan Jones

Biased BBC – Trump’s ‘A Manifestation of Structural Racism!’ 

….had Shaikin on first thing this morning Jakarta time…

.. then the Coven’s Samantha Simmonds, whom we’ve noticed before…

BBC Exploits Leftist Lewis’ Death – BLM Ranter’s Action Replay! 

…had him on again at 1.15pm.

SS did say that one Republican, Linsey Graham, had called the reprisal ‘pathetic’ but that was the only tiny nod to impartiality we got.

Presumably rhe Los Angeles lefty was blatting his bias on other hourly bulletins too, ..


…but I bet there was NO guest invited to say what many fans will think – how nasty and vindictive such politicisation of sport truly is!