Ulster – Jellyfish Johnson’s Insult And Injury!

If I take my eye off the ball even for a day, appalling news can escape my normally sharp attention.

Hence a small domestic tragedy this past weekend – Patti the kitten killed by a neighbour’s car she had unwisely chosen to loiter under – distracted me from my weekly survey of events in Ulster.

The enthusiasm with which patriots welcomed Bojo’s decree that the glorious Union Flag must be flown on UK public buildings….


….was blighted by the exclusion of the most loyal of the UK’s constituent parts.

I only read about it today, in an article in an Eire newspaper, which gloatingly, but accurately, explained that the injury was exacerbated…


….by the insulting way that Jellyfish Johnson chose to “announce the decree, then tell unionists in Northern Ireland it doesn’t apply to them! “.


The Eire author analyses this as ‘ineptitude’ but IMHO, would that Johnson were merely inept.

Clearly the Tory rat-fink must have known that such brazen discrimination was bound to infuriate the best of rhe British…



…those who dwell in Northern Ireland.

But the Tories went ahead with their offensive exclusionary decision, heedless of the affront.

A deliberate insult.

After the wicked injury of the ‘protocol,’ no wonder there’s loyal insurrection brewing!


Solidarity with the Loyal Resistance!