Kesurupan? Nut-Megh Coming To Jakarta?

In the deranged duchess’s search for amelioration…

A Great Comment On HM And Mental-Health-Meghan!

…of her self-declared ‘mental health’ problems, may we…



…who dwell in Indonesia’s lovely capital city expect an ex-royal visit soon?

I am moved to ask because today I woke at 6.30 am, to hear shrill screams…


…echoing from beyond the little park across the street from my home.

Rarely if ever surprised by anything that happens in Jakarta…

 … I nevertheless arose and went outside.

Passers-by were strolling along, seemingly oblivious to the far from merry din…

…which continued for over an hour!

I asked the neighbour’s driver if some brat was throwing a prolonged tantrum.

‘No, Pak,’ he answered. ‘It’s an adult. She’s kusurupan.’

This word means ‘POSSESSED! ‘

Not possessed of a noisy disposition…



…but possessed by a demon!

Such cases get into the news frequently here.


Try Google Search!

I append an extract from a Central Java newspaper, from last year, when a cleric was interviewed about the problem.

One of the reasons Satan enters the human body or causes a trance is because the human is far from worshipful. Ustaz Khalid Basalamah said, demons dominate humans with the aim of misleading..

There we are!

XHRH should listen to Ustaz Khaild’s wholesome counsel!

Worship more often!

A possibly more convincing explanation for Nut-Megh’s affliction than pathetic fake-trauma over a family member asking which side of the family a baby might look like.

All she has to do is get her swanky fat ass off Oprah’s sofa and go to church!

BTW, we have a fine old English Church here.

Alas, it’s closed for the time being, but for Nut-Megh, it might re-open!

Much more seriously, the poor lady across the park is an example of REAL mental health problems.

SO unlike the garbage-grumblers we hear on tv all the time, who put boredom, fatigue and frustration in that category, like the fool who said he didn’t feel like getting out of bed in the morning.

Many people, royal and/or commoner, need to GROW UP!