Will Bojo Guard Gardens Against Ex-BBC Left Hack?

Everything is political!’

I’m sure I heard my marxist foes in my undergrad years come out with some such tripe, but I wasn’t sure what they meant.

Nor were the reds, as a rule.


Parroted catch-phrases proliferated back then.

There was a ton of horse-sh-t swilling around universities in those days.

We had the Radical Student Alliance, the Revolutionary Socialist Students’ Federation…


……the SWP, the WRP ( the latter known better as Vanessa’s Loonies!)

We confronted them in every sphere of student activity and often bested them.

But then we all graduated and while most of my anti-marxist comrades-in-arms went off to live normal lives, the reds drifted into predictable pastimes…

…cushy berths in academia, the media and ‘the arts,’ etc.

Also, it seems, into botany, for now we learn that even Kew Gardens, a wonderful place…


…where Londoners and many others have for years enjoyed flowers and plants with no thought of politics, has fallen.


Fallen, yes, into the hands of nutjobs and/or cultural marxist fanatics, as revealed in the ghastly Guardian this week.

Almost laughable, the headline, which proclaims that botanical gardens are – wait for it-


‘Inextricably Linked To Empire! ‘

Kew Gardens has recently published a 10-year-plan…

..which places a need to decolonise its collections, expand its reach into underserved communities and train a diverse new generation of plant scientists and botanists…


How does one ‘decolonise’ a bunch of daffs, or a rose-bush?

Which members of which ‘under-served communities’ have been told to get lost as they arrived at Kew and entered the glorious gardens?

None, of course!

Oh, but hark at this pinko creep! 


We need to make sure that people do not feel intimidated by the Victorian wrought iron gates of Kew.’

That’s the leftist loud-mouth director, a dork named Richard Deverell….

What an ass

…who, before getting control at Kew, was a diligent apparatchik with..

Guess Who?

Yes, UK Pravda!

Unsurprisingly, he seems to have the support of an uptight coloured BBC bint, Advolly Richmond.

‘…a garden historian and presenter on the BBC programme Gardeners’ WorldWorld… ‘

“Sometimes it’s really, really difficult to feel comfortable in gardens.” https://www.theguardian.com/science/2021/mar/18/kew-gardens-director-hits-back-at-claims-it-is-growing-woke

Stuff and nonsense.

The blathering of a highly paid uptight!

If that’s how she feels, she should be out looking for another job.

The place, as I’ve already noted, is a delight

Who cares if researchers or gardeners are white or coloured people?

What improvements might accrue if the staff becomes more ‘diverse?’

None, obviously!

Indeed, if they go postal-‘diverse,’ and hire a pack of queers and trannies, there’s a risk such new recruits could start nicking the flowers to wear in their hair!

How can this deranged transformation of a garden into a propaganda pump be stopped?

It’s run by a board.


Jellyfish Johnson could stop it tomorrow, because…

...members and the chairman are appointed by the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs…




That Secretary of State is of course one of Bojo’s ministers, a man named George Eustice, MP.

If Brits had a conservative government, the PM would tell the minister to get the finger out…



..and fire not just Deverill but the lot, every last swine that voted for this stupid, pointless and offensive scheme.