Racist Statues Don’t Last Long In Beautiful Budapest!

Excellent news from Hungary, where a statue honouring the racist BLM movement was brought down by patriotic protestors.

It was made into a deliberate provocation to decent Hungarians by having it coloured in the pervert ‘Pride’ colours, and those behind it made it clear it was a completely partisan political project.

Krisztina Baranyi, mayor of the Budapest suburb of Ferencváros, had declared it was ‘important to set up the installation in Budapest because the BLM goals against racism and police brutality are as relevant in Hungary as anywhere else.


Will the Orban era continue in Hungary? - CGTN


  • As an example, she mentioned the Orbán government’s “relentless campaign” against migrants and refugees, as well as the systematic discrimination against the Roma in Hungary…’

Boohoohoo, indeed!

What an arrogant waste of public money!

As it happens, Hungarians have a much clearer perception of the essence of BLM evil than many people elsewhere.

The Head of the Prime Minister’s Office, Gergely Gulyás, said in December that the Black Lives Matter in the United States is essentially a racist movement that does not recognise equality, which should be a normal human right by 20th century standards.
Orbán cabinet: Outgoing EC 'aiming to cement policies' – Daily News Hungary
Therefore, the racist is not the person who opposes the erection of such a statue but the one who erects the statue, Gulyás said.

Very well said  Unlike too many politicians in English-speaking labs, who know the truth…

..but won’t speak it, Mr. Gyulas is forthright!

The undesirable monument didn’t stand tall for long.

It was boarded up by indignant citizens…



..then, the next morning, it was knocked down.